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October 2015

Harbor Tours/Galveston Coast Sightseeing Trips

By fishing news


Galveston is a beautiful coastal city most of which can be seen from the water. Enjoy the beautiful views of both sea and coast aboard our sightseeing tours. Your trip can be customized to suit you and your groups preferences.IMG_0116

Aboard your Galveston Sightseeing Trip you can cruise the harbor, watch wildlife, (porpoises, pelicans, etc), and cruise the Intercoastal Waterway or Houston Ship Channel. Other great places to see are Sea Wolf Park, the S.S. Selma, a famous sunken concrete ship, the USS Texas, and WWII gun emplacements.

Whether you are looking for something romantic or an all around fun experience with a group, a sightseeing tour could be perfect for your trip to Galveston, TX. Learn more HERE or give us a call at 281-851-6151 to learn more about our Galveston harbor and coastal tours.

Redfish Season is Here!

By fishing news
Redfish in Galveston Texas

Redfish on the prowl.

Fall is the best time of year to go out and fish for Red Drum or Redfish, and this year’s run for the “Bull Reds” has just begun. This season will be a great opportunity for fishing over the coming week through mid to late October here in Texas.

These fish put up a fantastic fight and travel in huge schools! Each year in the Fall, Redfish migrate offshore and reproduce in massive schools by the hundreds and thousands. It is not uncommon to catch 20, 30, or even more in a few hours on a half day Galveston fishing charter.

The reason for the Bull Red Run is because it’s part of a mating ritual. When the mature Redfish move in close to rivers and passes, they go to lay their eggs, which are washed into the inshore bays by the tide. It is in the bays that the eggs hatch and the young fish live the first few years of their lives before moving offshore as mature fish.

Fall is exactly when you want to harvest bull redfish, especially on a Galveston fishing charters. Prepare yourself for huge fish in great numbers, that average anywhere between 30 and 50 pounds aboard our Galveston fishing charter boats. If you are interested in getting out on the water, contact our offices. We know when and where are the best places for you to have the best fishing experience. You can contact us at 281-851-6151 or book your next fishing trip HERE.

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