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November 2015

Deep Sea Fishing Trips in Galveston

By fishing news

Galveston deep sea fishing charters

Each of our Galveston deep sea fishing charters gives you the opportunity to explore the open waters of Galveston Bay and enjoy an extensive variety of aquatic life. SeaPlay Sportsfishing will put together a custom guided fishing trip that targets the fish and adventure of your choice. On our Galveston deep sea fishing charters, anglers can game Large Shark (Blacktip), Kingfish, Spanish Mackerel, Ling, and Tarpon.

SeaPlay Sportsfishing takes you and your party to the best Texas Deep Sea Fishing available. We offer 6, 8, or 10-hour inshore and deep sea charters. Usually travel 10 to 25 miles offshore for the 6-hour charter, 25-30 miles on the 8-hour charter, and 35-50 miles on our 10-hour charter.

Our packages include bait and tackle, plus we clean and bag your catch at the dock. We can accommodate up to 6 anglers and include no fuel charge. We promise to offer clean, well-equipped boats, quality equipment, and the best bait available.

Here at SeaPlay we also offer Inshore Fishing Trips as well. Experience fun and comfort in Galveston, Texas with SeaPlay Fishing Charters! Read more about our Deep Sea Fishing Charters HERE or call us at 281-851-6151.

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