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January 2016

Galveston Jetty Drum Run

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February is approaching which marks the beginning of our annual Galveston Jetty Drum Run, which includes Large Drum that can exceed 25 pounds! Black Drum are easy to catch and gather in schools of fish reaching the hundreds. Despite the name, adult black drum aren’t often black. Adult drum caught near the Gulf waters are typically a muted silver-gray. Big drum caught from the bays have dull brass or bronze tints on their backs and sides. This seasonal fishing period begins when waters get in the cool 60s and runs in the early spring from February-March.

Our Galveston Jetty Charters are a brief 30-minute boat ride that provides plenty of excitement for those that don’t want to spend as much time out on the water. The Drum Run is perfect for fishermen who like to do some relaxing fishing and enjoy time in the sun.

The Jetty Charters are aboard our 27’ Key West Center Console, SeaPlay IV. She’s the perfect jetty boat offering 360-degree fishability that can be expected from Center Consoles. She features a large T-Top providing shade, spacious seating, and a large restroom located on-board.

There are plenty of excellent Jetty Charter opportunities available throughout the year. During summer (May thru September) we catch lots of Bull Reds and large sharks. You may also find Flounder, Jackfish and Mackerel as well. In the fall is the annual migration of flounder from Galveston Bay thru the Jetties creating the perfect occasion for a catch. To book a Jetty Charter contact us here or call (203)-851-6151 to learn more about catching Drum.

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