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April 2016

Fishy Facts: Dolphinfish | Mahi Mahi

By fishing news

Mahi-mahiThe Dolphinfish goes by a few common names like Mahi Mahi or Dorado. You can commonly find them across the gulf in blue waters near seaweed patches, rips, and floating objects.

This fish is one of the most colorful catches you can find in the Gulf of Mexico. It has blue and green on it’s back with yellow sides and a lighter belly. These bright colors quickly fades when the fish dies after being boated. The extended dorsal fin reaches almost the entire length of the back. This fish is tough to tell apart from its less common relative, the pompano dolphin. The only sure way to do know is to examine the shape of the tooth patch near its tongue. In dolphin it is round; in pompano dolphin it’s square.

Dolphinfish have a fast growth rate that could be tracked on a daily basis. In the Gulf of Mexico, dolphinfish grow at the rate of 5 in p/ month, with a max size of 4-5 ft in length in 2 years. Small dolphinfish average under 3 pounds while larger ones run to 20 pounds with large males growing up to and over 50 pounds! They’re a great catch because of their size and food value.

More females over males are hooked in fishing. It seems that small fish of both sexes, and females of all sizes, spend more time around floating objects and seaweed rips, which makes them easier to locate. Large males spend more time roaming open waters and travel between female-dominated schools of fish. Making female Dolphinfish easier for fishermen to find and therefore, catch.

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