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May 2016

What to Bring on a Galveston Fishing Charter

By fishing news


Not sure what to bring before going on a Galveston Fishing Charter with us at SeaPlay? Here’s a list of items that are all good to bring aboard any fishing charter.

  • Comfortable loose clothing and a hat are always a good idea, especially during warmer months due to the sun and heat.
  • Wear shoes with a solid footing, make sure the shoes you choose will keep you from slipping and keep you grounded when you reel in a big one.
  • Sunscreen is not provided and we encourage you to bring your own to reduce the damages of sun exposure.
  • If you have a favorite rod, bring it! But don’t worry about bait and tackle, we have you covered and also provide the ice.
  • Want to bring a snack? You’re welcome to bring a cooler on board.
  • And most importantly, you’ll need to bring a valid Texas Saltwater Fishing License.

Need to know more or want to book a Galveston Fishing Charter? Click over to here or give us a call at (281)-851-6151.

Fishy Facts: Wahoo | Ono

By fishing news

Wahoo fish are covered with little scales and is steel blue above and a paler below. It has a series of blackish-blue vertical-lined bars on their sides. The fish has a large mouth and finely serrate teeth with a long snout.

They can be found offshore, but generally not in schools. They can be found worldwide in tropical and subtropical climates and are called “Ono” in Hawaii, which translates to “good to eat”. They are known for their speed, wahoo can swim up to 60 mph making it a prize catch for fishermen.

Wahoo are also a great catch because of their size. Wahoo can get between 40 and 65 inches in length, the maximum being 98 inches. The largest recorded wahoo catch was 184 pounds. They also experience rapid growth for the first year to two years of life making them a decent size when they’re young. It’s believed that their lifespan can be up to 5 or 6 years. This fish is a ravening predator that feeds on fishes like mackerels, butterfishes, round herrings, flying fish, and more. They compete for the same type of food as migratory tuna.

Book with FishSeaPlay for the best bait, lures, and tips for catching whaoo or for Galveston fishing charter. We consider it a privilege, and not a job, to be able to share our fishing knowledge and participate in your next fishing adventure!

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