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June 2016

Fishy Facts: Red Snapper

By Galveston-Fishing


They are known for their distinct red color. The majority of their body is pinkish red with a bit of white below. Snapper have a long triangular snout and a sharply pointed anal fin. They have no dark lateral spot and a red eye.

Juvenile red snapper live over sandy or mud bottoms. They stay relatively close to the bottom and inhabit rocky ledges, ridges, and artificial reefs.

Red snapper feed on crustaceans and fish. Red snapper begin to reproduce at two years old, spawning from May to October.

Additional Information
When you’re fishing, remember snappers will take soft-bodied jigs, bucktails and spoons. Adult red snapper may live more than 20 years and attain 35 pounds or more making them a sought-after game fish.

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