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November 2016

Fishy Facts: Speckled Trout | Spotted Trout- Galveston

By fishing news, Galveston-Fishing

Trout Fishing Galveston Texas


They have a dark gray or green top, with light blue shading with silver or white on the bottom
Distinct round black spots across back
1 or 2 protruding teeth usually at the tip of the upper jaw
They reach 3 feet and 15-pounds and are also common in the 4-pound range.

Seatrout is typically found inshore and nearshore in and around mangrove-covered shorelines, seagrass, above oyster bars and in deep holes and channels.

Spawning occurs inshore from March through November. Spotted seatrout moves into deeper, calmer waters during cooler months. They feed on baitfish, mullet, shrimp and crabs. Since they can be targeted using a wide variety of techniques – from topwater plugs to deepwater spoons – a medium action rod is perfect for an all around equal approach.

Spotted seatrout are also a good fish for catching and eating. You may be required to move to several locations during the course of a day, but it can definitely pay off. If you’d like to go sports fishing adventure and catch not only speckled trout but also a variety of other top game fish? Contact us here.

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