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February 2017

Why Fish With A Galveston Fishing Guide?

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Galveston is well-known as a saltwater fishing hotspot in Texas across the world. Since it’s located near the Gulf of Mexico, there’s also a wide variety of fish species available. Getting out on the water may be the fun part, but figuring out the logistics and buying bait can be a hassle if you’re not already a pro angler. Why not avoid the trouble and leave the work to a professional fishing guide?

Charters Are Fully Geared
Guide boats are completely stocked with high quality equipment for any fish you want to go out and catch. When you come out on our fishing charters, you’ll never have to worry about preparing bait and tackle or bringing your gear. This is especially great for those visiting Galveston.

Our captains have years of knowledge and expertise to easily navitgate around Galveston waters, so you won’t have to worry. Just relax and maybe check your cooler as you head out to sea with a pro at the wheel.

We Know Where To Go
Galveston offers an array of saltwater fishing grounds, including three bay areas for you to enjoy. Explore the island’s bays, jetties, and flats, here you can find speckled trout, redfish, flounder, and more! We also offer off-shore fishing packages in the Gulf of Mexico, where you can catch snapper, kingfish, dorado, and even go shark fishing.

Our professional captains know both the boat and the waters well so you’ll be out and back with enough time to put your catch on the grill. Spend your fishing trip doing what you love, just fishing! To book your next Galveston fishing charter click here.


5 Great Reasons to Visit Galveston, Texas

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Sure there are plenty of places to visit in Texas, but Galveston has it all. This city has history, nightlife, and most importantly, excellent fishing! Here are our top five reasons for you to get in your car and get over to Galveston.

1. Catch Your Own Dinner
Enjoy the open water and become a fisherman for a day! Aboard a Galveston fishing charter, you can catch your own fish and have it for dinner.

2. It’s Always Fishing Season
One of the many perks of Galveston is being located in the Gulf of Mexico. No matter what time of year there’s always a trophy fish waiting to be caught.

3. Take A Sight-Seeing Boat Ride
The island has 32 miles of beach to explore and a lot of history on Galveston Island that you can get an exclusive look at by charter boat. Escape it all and take an adventure the entire family can enjoy.

4. You Can Catch A Shark
If you want a real piece of the action, our Galveston Fishing Charter offers shark fishing trips with all the bait and tackle provided. Charter fishermen know the ropes and can take you to all of the best sea spots to catch a big one.

5. The Perfect Weekend Getaway Destination
Whether you’re planning a vacation or a staycation Galveston is a great place to get away for the weekend or the whole week! There’s great museums, drinks, and water activities to do that can fill up your whole day.

Galveston has a little something for everyone, for more recommendations and for a great day of fishing contact us here. Sea Play Sportsfishing provides all the bait and tackle plus we’ll clean and bag your catch at the dock!

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