5 Tips to Help Catch More Fish

By February 17, 2016Galveston-Fishing

For beginners, whether you are fishing in Galveston for red snapper, flounder, blue marlin, or bull red it’s good to know a few tips before getting out on the water. Here are a few basic pointers aimed at first timers or people new to fishing:

1. Use as small of a sinker as you can. When fishing, you want to feel the fish biting so you can strike quickly on the line and set the hook in. If you’re fishing in waters less than five meters deep, you might not need to use a sinker because the baits weight will cause the line to sink.

2. Target a particular fish species. After determining what species of fish you are going after, set your rigs and choose bait accordingly.

3. Fish at sunrise or sunset. You are more likely to have success in catching a fish if you go out at sunrise or sunset because almost all fish tend to feed at this time.

4. Burley or Chum up. Burleying/Chumming is a sure way to attract fish and keep them around. If you have a consistent supply of burley, you will have a steady supply of fish.

5. Research and use the proper size hook for the fish you are targeting. You may think a huge hook will result in a huge catch, but it’s better to use as small of a hook as you can for the best outcome.

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