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Fishy Facts: Grouper

By August 30, 2016September 9th, 2016fishing news

There are quite a few types of grouper but when fishing for grouper in Galveston you’re likely to fish for Warsaw grouper or Scamp grouper. Warsaw grouper commonly weigh up to 50 lbs and 100 lbs aren’t rare either. They can grow so large they exceed nearly 800 lbs making them uncatchable for the common fisherman. If you’re out fishing for Warsaw make sure you bring heavy fishing gear and large bait!

The second most encountered grouper is the Scamp grouper, it’s distinctively known for its broom tail. These groupers still are a major game fish and can weigh as much as 30 lbs.

Grouper are the largest reef fish you can commonly encounter in Galveston. Both the Warsaw and Scamp groupers bodies are a brown shade. They can be spotted by their spiny dorsal fins and second dorsal fin.

Grouper can be found throughout the gulf. The deeper the water, the larger the grouper you can catch so consider looking for Grouper in offshore waters around deep reefs or around seamounts. Some young can also be found in shallower waters.

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