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SeaPlay Sportfishing offers world class deep sea fishing and over 50 years experience right here on Galveston Island. We are a full-time saltwater fishing charter service offering charters ranging from the inshore waters of Galveston Bay to the clear blue waters found offshore. You will find our boats to be clean, well maintained and offering the safety of twin engines. Our captains are Coast Guard licensed and our boats are fully insured!

Fishing is excellent here on the Texas Gulf coast. All of our guides are fully insured by the United States Coast Guard and licensed by the state of Texas to guide here in Texas waters. We urge you when checking into any fishing guide service to be sure you are booking your fishing charter with a licensed and insured Charter company.

Our fishing charter service is conveniently located at the Galveston Yacht Basin or a short 45 minute drive from Houston and usually an even shorter boat ride to our productive fishing grounds – sometimes in as little as 20 minutes!

Give us a call today to see what’s biting. And remember: Quit Wishin’, Go Fishin’!


Your fishing charter includes:

  • All fishing tackle – rods, reels, bait, etc.
  • USCG-licensed Captain and Mate
  • Unlimited fun and fish in Texas

You may bring your own food and drinks on board the fishing charter boat.

Types of Fish We Catch in Galveston, TX

When it comes to saltwater fish, Galveston, Texas stands out as one of the hottest hot spots in the world. It’s convenient location near the Gulf of Mexico gives it an added advantage as being one of the best places with a wide variety of fish species. Check out our charter ratings on TripAdvisor!

In-shore Fish Species


The two types of flounder species are summer flounder and southern flounder. Both these species require a lot of patience when fishing. They love slightly warm temperatures. When it is too cold or too hot, the flounders hide. They feed on the shallow waters at night and hide into the deep waters when the sun comes up. The summer flounder is very aggressive as compared to the southern flounder and fishing it needs more patience.


The speckled trout is one of the best fish species in the world. It is not only a favorite delicacy fish for many but also a great trophy fish especially for fish anglers. It is dark gray with some few blue reflections and spots scattered on the back and sides. On its upper jaw, it has two canine teeth and other small teeth in its mouth. The dorsal fins are different with the larger ones having around ten spines and the smaller ones with one spine.


Redfish fishing is one of the most common fishing activities by anglers in the United States. The large variety of redfish schools give anglers greater chances of finding the bulls they want. The large red bulls are a challenge to catch to the anglers. They are a unique species and like almost all redfish species, they have different defensive weapons to free themselves once they caught. The red fish is a delicacy in almost everywhere all around the globe and is one of the best sport fish in Texas.

Deep-Sea Fish Species

Kingfish (King Mackerel)

Though it is mainly a deep-sea fish, the kingfish or the king mackerel comes out during the summer until the early fall and if you are lucky, you can catch it on the offshore. The whole Texas coast has very many kings but the two ends of the coastline hold majority of them. During winter, the mackerels move back to the deep waters and it gets harder to catch them then. The mackerels are very fast, very mean and very big. Kingfish fishing trips are exciting and filled with too much anticipation. The king mackerel fishing is popular with anglers and other sport fishing lovers and it makes a great dish on the table.


It is one of the most easily identifiable fish because of its red body with a white throat and belly. It is also one of the most common deep-sea catches. The thrill for snapper fishing is one of the activities that make fishing in Galveston fun. They love to stay very deep into the waters and teaming with good fishing charters for guidance is the only way to catch snappers at the coast. Setting bait for them is an adventure in itself too. Bait to catch snapper incudes pinfish, croaker, cigar minnows and others.


Shark fishing is very adventurous and mainly carried out by those that can withstand the power of the shark. Mainly done for sport, shark fishing is fun to everyone else too including family. Fishing charter trips in Texas is well equipped to make this adrenaline driven fishing expedition both exciting and adventurous. The guides lure the sharks out of their hiding places and put them through nonstop action before catching them. The reels and rods used to catch sharks have to be very strong because the sharks can easily reap them off.