Why Choose SeaPlay Sportfishing for Galveston Fishing Charters:

It surprises a lot of vacationers to learn that all Galveston fishing charters are not created equal. The fact is, it would be a challenging task to find a charter offering as much local knowledge and experience as you would find at SeaPlay Sportfishing. Our charter captains, Donnie and Brad, bring a lot to the table in terms of experience on the local waters. If you’re looking to catch fish, be choosey about which charter you go with.

When you book a fishing charter with SeaPlay Sportfishing, you’ll have access to the wealth of experience our Captains have acquired during their careers on the water, including a vast knowledge of the sea, migration of fish, currents, weather- and how all of that affects fish and their feeding habits. While it’s true that there are dozens of Galveston fishing charters to choose from, we recommend that you don’t take chances on a charter boat captained by someone with lesser experience. At SeaPlay, we promise you’ll get every penny’s worth of your investment in terms of adventure and fish. We don’t take it lightly that you’ve decided to book your excursion with us, and we will work hard toward exceeding your expectations while out on the water.

We know you’re hoping to catch fish- and that’s why it’s essential that you hire a charter that knows how to find the locations where sport fish bite. While the beautiful waters off the coast of Galveston are aesthetically pleasing, we understand you’re not on a sight-seeing tour. If you’ve come to catch fish, we will not disappoint! In between fishing spots, you’ll have plenty of time to take in the sights and sounds of the sea.

Whether you’re interested in deep sea fishing or inshore fishing, we can guarantee a successful trip aboard one of our Galveston fishing charters. Book a 4 or 6 hour Galveston Jetty Fishing Charter, a Galveston Shark Charter, or one of our exclusive deep sea charters. Our offshore fishing packages take place on our 40 foot custom Express SeaPlay V, our largest and most comfortable Galveston fishing charter boat with all the amenities you’d expect, including electronic technology to ensure your crew can find plenty of fish.

If you book an adventure for deep sea fishing, you can expect to bottom fish for Snapper, when in season, troll the area’s weedlines for the great Mahi Mahi and Wahoo, and sightcast for Amberjack, Grouper, or Kingfish. You can improve your chances of taking these fish by booking at the peak of the season, from May through October.

See our charter trip rates on the FishSeaPlay.com website and book online or by phone to guarantee your preferred dated are available. Our Galveston fishing charters will up pretty quickly, so be sure to book as early as possible. If you plan on traveling with others in your group who prefer sightseeing to fishing, we can provide them with the experience of a lifetime on a sightseeing excursion while you fish.

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