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Fishy Facts: Flounder

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Learn a little about your catch before you go out on the water. A common fish to find in Galveston, Texas are Flounder. Book your fishing charter here.


  • Varies between light and dark brown
  • Black and white spots
  • Both eyes are located on the left side of the head
  • Sharp and strong teeth on both top and bottom jaw

Often located inshore in bays and estuaries in Texas Gulf waters, commonly over hard, sandy bottoms; males can be found primarily in offshore waters.

Additional Information:
Catches can be up to 14 inches in length. Flounders feed on crustaceans and other bottom dwelling fish. Like most other flounders, they can change color and camouflage to blend in with surrounding habitat; they begin life with one eye on either side of their head, however, the right eye moves to the left side as they grow.

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Galveston Bay Spring Fishing

By Galveston-Fishing

Galveston Bay Spring Fishing

Spring is when the majority of the fishing community return to their rods and reels to hit the water.

During Galveston spring fishing you can easily find big black drum, flounder, and trout. The Galveston jetties, passes, Texas City dike and the Bolivar gas wells will all hold an abundance of these fish.

Big black drum
The black drum is a high-backed fish with whiskers under its lower jaw. Younger drum have four or five dark bars on their sides but these disappear with age. The bellies of older fish are white but the coloration of backs and sides can vary. Fish in Gulf waters frequently lack color and are light gray or silvery.

Flounder are flatfishes that are pressed laterally and spend most of their life swimming along the bottom on their side. In the case of flounder, the left side is always the “up” side; in other species, the opposite is true. Small flounder grow quickly and can reach 12 inches by the end of their first year.

Trout have a salmon-like shape. Dark spots are clearly visible on the tail fin, which is slightly forked. There are numerous types of trout available in Galveston like Rainbow Trout and many can be found year-round.

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