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Galveston Fishing charters

5 Great Reasons to Visit Galveston, Texas

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Sure there are plenty of places to visit in Texas, but Galveston has it all. This city has history, nightlife, and most importantly, excellent fishing! Here are our top five reasons for you to get in your car and get over to Galveston.

1. Catch Your Own Dinner
Enjoy the open water and become a fisherman for a day! Aboard a Galveston fishing charter, you can catch your own fish and have it for dinner.

2. It’s Always Fishing Season
One of the many perks of Galveston is being located in the Gulf of Mexico. No matter what time of year there’s always a trophy fish waiting to be caught.

3. Take A Sight-Seeing Boat Ride
The island has 32 miles of beach to explore and a lot of history on Galveston Island that you can get an exclusive look at by charter boat. Escape it all and take an adventure the entire family can enjoy.

4. You Can Catch A Shark
If you want a real piece of the action, our Galveston Fishing Charter offers shark fishing trips with all the bait and tackle provided. Charter fishermen know the ropes and can take you to all of the best sea spots to catch a big one.

5. The Perfect Weekend Getaway Destination
Whether you’re planning a vacation or a staycation Galveston is a great place to get away for the weekend or the whole week! There’s great museums, drinks, and water activities to do that can fill up your whole day.

Galveston has a little something for everyone, for more recommendations and for a great day of fishing contact us here. Sea Play Sportsfishing provides all the bait and tackle plus we’ll clean and bag your catch at the dock!

Fishy Facts: Blacktip Shark – Galveston Fishing

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Blacktip Shark:

Dark, bluish-gray back
Distinct whitish stripe on the flank
The inside of the pectoral fin is black, as are the dorsal and anal fin tips
Upper and lower teeth are serrated and nearly symmetrical
This big game is usually over 4 feet long at an adult stage

Blacktips often found in warm coastal waters and come inshore in large schools, particularly when they are on the hunt for Spanish mackerel. They can be found close to the surface in Galveston Bay when searching for food.

When caught while fishing they often leap out of the water and flip in the air before landing on their backs making it an excellent trophy catch. Some blacktip sharks leave for summer to find cooler waters but others stay put in warmer equatorial waters, like Galveston, year-round.

Make your next fishing trip a shark fishing trip in Galveston, Texas with Sea Play Sportsfishing by clicking here.

What to Do in Galveston, Texas

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Galveston is a port city on Galveston Island, off the Texas Gulf Coast. Galveston is known for its excellent fishing and beautiful sights. Here are some of the top things to do when you have visitors or if you’re staying in Galveston.

Visit the beautiful and Moody Gardens
This is the perfect educational destination, great for families and groups. The aquarium and the rainforest pyramid can be visited and offer a quick glimpse into the natural habitat of animals. The attractions include two theaters, a museum and a boat ride.

Warbird rides at the Lone Star Flight Museum
The museum displays more than 40 historically significant aircraft and many hundreds of artifacts related to flight. Visitors can experience the thrill of historic aviation as the museum offers bomber and trainer flight experiences in its B-17 Flying Fortress, B-25 Mitchell, T-6 Texan and PT-17 Stearman.

Catch a trophy fish with SeaPlay Sportfishing
Cast your rod out into Galveston’s waters and get ready for a big one when you go Galveston deep sea fishing with the FishSeaPlay crew. There are several packages available that can fill up your whole day with fishing and even one for night fishing.

There’s plenty to see and do when you visit Galveston, Texas. Make the most of it by visiting the tranquil gardens, learn something new at the museum, and spend a day out on the water deep sea fishing. To book your next fishing trip click here.

Fishy Facts: Speckled Trout | Spotted Trout- Galveston

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Trout Fishing Galveston Texas


They have a dark gray or green top, with light blue shading with silver or white on the bottom
Distinct round black spots across back
1 or 2 protruding teeth usually at the tip of the upper jaw
They reach 3 feet and 15-pounds and are also common in the 4-pound range.

Seatrout is typically found inshore and nearshore in and around mangrove-covered shorelines, seagrass, above oyster bars and in deep holes and channels.

Spawning occurs inshore from March through November. Spotted seatrout moves into deeper, calmer waters during cooler months. They feed on baitfish, mullet, shrimp and crabs. Since they can be targeted using a wide variety of techniques – from topwater plugs to deepwater spoons – a medium action rod is perfect for an all around equal approach.

Spotted seatrout are also a good fish for catching and eating. You may be required to move to several locations during the course of a day, but it can definitely pay off. If you’d like to go sports fishing adventure and catch not only speckled trout but also a variety of other top game fish? Contact us here.

Fishy Facts: Spanish Mackerel

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spanish-mackerel-fishing Galveston Texas

Spanish Mackerel are in abundance at the end of fall and during winter in Galveston, TX. The colder seasons bring in a heap of rain and wind, pushing the bait and fish closer to the shore, making fish like mackerel widely available.

It’s back is green and has silver shading on the sides and yellow spots along its back. The front of the dorsal fin is black and it’s fins are slightly pointed.

Spanish mackerel can be found throughout Galveston in nearshore and offshore waters. They can be often found on reefs and grass beds. Since Spanish Mackerel can tolerate pretty cool waters, they will need to be reeled in fast.

Spanish mackerel are a schooling fish that migrates northward in the spring, reverting to southern waters when the water temperature sinks below 70 degrees. They typically feed on small fish and squid but are highly attracted to baitfish.

Looking to go fishing for Spanish mackerel and more in Galveston, TX? We have the expertise and equipment to give you a memorable sportfishing experience. Book your next trip here.

Galveston Jetty Fishing

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Another good day of fishing at the Galveston jetties.Caught a limit of solid sheepshead.While these aren’t  the most glamorous fish they give a good tug on your line and they are delicious table fare. Galveston Fishing tight to the rocks under a popping cork is the ticket for these tasty Galveston fish!Tight Lines…..

Galveston Fishing the Jetties

Galveston Jetty Drum Run

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February is approaching which marks the beginning of our annual Galveston Jetty Drum Run, which includes Large Drum that can exceed 25 pounds! Black Drum are easy to catch and gather in schools of fish reaching the hundreds. Despite the name, adult black drum aren’t often black. Adult drum caught near the Gulf waters are typically a muted silver-gray. Big drum caught from the bays have dull brass or bronze tints on their backs and sides. This seasonal fishing period begins when waters get in the cool 60s and runs in the early spring from February-March.

Our Galveston Jetty Charters are a brief 30-minute boat ride that provides plenty of excitement for those that don’t want to spend as much time out on the water. The Drum Run is perfect for fishermen who like to do some relaxing fishing and enjoy time in the sun.

The Jetty Charters are aboard our 27’ Key West Center Console, SeaPlay IV. She’s the perfect jetty boat offering 360-degree fishability that can be expected from Center Consoles. She features a large T-Top providing shade, spacious seating, and a large restroom located on-board.

There are plenty of excellent Jetty Charter opportunities available throughout the year. During summer (May thru September) we catch lots of Bull Reds and large sharks. You may also find Flounder, Jackfish and Mackerel as well. In the fall is the annual migration of flounder from Galveston Bay thru the Jetties creating the perfect occasion for a catch. To book a Jetty Charter contact us here or call (203)-851-6151 to learn more about catching Drum.