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Fishy Facts: Spanish Mackerel

By fishing news, Galveston-Fishing

spanish-mackerel-fishing Galveston Texas

Spanish Mackerel are in abundance at the end of fall and during winter in Galveston, TX. The colder seasons bring in a heap of rain and wind, pushing the bait and fish closer to the shore, making fish like mackerel widely available.

It’s back is green and has silver shading on the sides and yellow spots along its back. The front of the dorsal fin is black and it’s fins are slightly pointed.

Spanish mackerel can be found throughout Galveston in nearshore and offshore waters. They can be often found on reefs and grass beds. Since Spanish Mackerel can tolerate pretty cool waters, they will need to be reeled in fast.

Spanish mackerel are a schooling fish that migrates northward in the spring, reverting to southern waters when the water temperature sinks below 70 degrees. They typically feed on small fish and squid but are highly attracted to baitfish.

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