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Fishy Facts: Blacktip Shark – Galveston Fishing

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Blacktip Shark:

Dark, bluish-gray back
Distinct whitish stripe on the flank
The inside of the pectoral fin is black, as are the dorsal and anal fin tips
Upper and lower teeth are serrated and nearly symmetrical
This big game is usually over 4 feet long at an adult stage

Blacktips often found in warm coastal waters and come inshore in large schools, particularly when they are on the hunt for Spanish mackerel. They can be found close to the surface in Galveston Bay when searching for food.

When caught while fishing they often leap out of the water and flip in the air before landing on their backs making it an excellent trophy catch. Some blacktip sharks leave for summer to find cooler waters but others stay put in warmer equatorial waters, like Galveston, year-round.

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