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What to Bring on a Galveston Fishing Charter

By May 26, 2016fishing news


Not sure what to bring before going on a Galveston Fishing Charter with us at SeaPlay? Here’s a list of items that are all good to bring aboard any fishing charter.

  • Comfortable loose clothing and a hat are always a good idea, especially during warmer months due to the sun and heat.
  • Wear shoes with a solid footing, make sure the shoes you choose will keep you from slipping and keep you grounded when you reel in a big one.
  • Sunscreen is not provided and we encourage you to bring your own to reduce the damages of sun exposure.
  • If you have a favorite rod, bring it! But don’t worry about bait and tackle, we have you covered and also provide the ice.
  • Want to bring a snack? You’re welcome to bring a cooler on board.
  • And most importantly, you’ll need to bring a valid Texas Saltwater Fishing License.

Need to know more or want to book a Galveston Fishing Charter? Click over to here or give us a call at (281)-851-6151.