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Family Fishing Excursions

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Adventures at Sea


Traveling is a family pastime. Nothing beats locating new sights to see and sharing the experience with loved ones. Taking the children to local towns to do some “exploring” and buying little “knick-knacks” and souvenirs to take home so when the adventure is complete you have something to remember it by. Pitching a tent in the woods, building campfires and roasting marshmallows and waking up to breakfast over the burning pit. Walking along the hiking trails in the campsite, listening to nature in its element while fishing off the beach or local pier.

All these memories we want to take from our childhood and recreate, to some degree, with our own children and make new ones to add to the family photo album. Weekend fishing boat trips are the more common recreation, and in Texas is one of the most popular activities year-round.

One of the hottest travel destinations in this Grand Ol State of Texas is Galveston. Located right on the Gulf of Mexico with sandy beaches, boardwalks, plenty of seafood, and options for deep sea fishing charters. An amazing factor about taking a fishing boat trip to Galveston, Texas is whatever you catch on your deep sea fishing charter, the charter company will take care of for you. The charting company will clean, quarter it off into cuts how you like, prepare the morsels with seasonings, and wrap it all up for travel. In the end, all you will need to do is cook, eat, and enjoy the delight of the day’s catch.

Another popular excursion to take while visiting the Gulf of Mexico is an offshore fishing trip; easily done with friends and family big and small. This type of fishing boat trip consists of the charter guiding you around the shores of Galveston, or the banks of the Gulf, and guides you to all the hot spots for offshore fishing. Taking this scenic route will not only allow for a different variety of catches but also amazing views to add to your family photobook. Having the experience and knowledge from the charter will not only keep you safe if swells become elevated but will guarantee you a day’s odyssey with bountiful rewards.

Increasing revenue at an annualized rate of 2.9%, the fishing boat charter industry has been booming! People are enjoying having the assistance of a professional with the equipment, and being in an area they are unfamiliar with, knowing they won’t leave empty-handed. Planning for your next fishing boat trip, chartering allows for a less stressful experience by supplying all the equipment, the boat, life vests and ringers, some will cater certain drinks and foods, and a guide for the open waters. Also, adding new friendships with the possibility of future return trips always is a comfort and makes for more pleasing entertainment.

Gazing into your future as you plan for family fun in the sun, ponder on what kind of memories you want to make; what impression do you want to leave behind with loved ones once your life’s journey has reached its final destination? How do you hope your family will continue the legacy of vacations and adding to the family photobooks? Whether it be offshore fishing trips in a remote location, or a Galveston fishing charter tour, contemplate the encounter and how much you want to appreciate time with loved ones. Charting your next fishing boat trip will give you the ability to embrace every moment.

Galveston summer fishing Charters

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Summer is here and the fishing is hot as well as the weather.Inshore trips are producing good speckled trout with a few redfish mixed in as well.Further offshore red snapper season is in full swing with limits common,kingfish are hungry as well and limits are common aswell.Tight lines …

galveston fishing charter

4 Benefits of Choosing an Experienced Fishing Guide

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If you have never taken a break from work since you became an adult, it is time for a vacation. So, what would you love to do during the holiday? With whom would you like to spend the holiday? Well, we suggest you leave kids out of it, they still have sufficient time to take vacations in the future. But, you and your partner need a break, so get a nanny, assign them to look out for the kids and hit the road.

If you live in New Mexico, Texas, or Oklahoma or if you plan to take a vacation in one of these states, read through and find how recreational fishing is fulfilling.

Have you ever wondered why you’re not getting the results you want on your deep sea fishing trips? An experienced fishing guide could help solve all of your problems. It’s important to know what you’re intending to get out of the experience before you sign up. The good thing is that you can do it alone or use Galveston fishing charter. Galveston fishing charter offers fishing equipment and guides if you need them.

Deep sea fishing charters Galveston are popular among tourists just looking to try fishing for the first time. But they are also in high demand among experienced fishers. Because of the mixed audience, it’s wise to find a fishing guide who can cater to all levels of skill, experience, and interest.

1. Fishing Equipment

You can’t go to class without reading and writing materials. In that context, you can’t go fishing without fishing equipment. Because this is a trip, there is no need of taking your fishing equipment, yet there is a charter that can conveniently provide the material at a small fee. Therefore, consider contacting a reliable Galveston fishing charter and book a fishing boat trip. They offer fishing equipment too.

If you’re new and you’re not too sure what to do, a guide can help you get everything set up so that you’re more likely to have success on your first trip out. A guide will assist you with lines, rods, and tackle. They will also provide you with best practices that guarantee success for a beginner. However, if you already know what you’re doing, a quality guide can recommend advanced techniques, clue you in on region-specific conditions, and provide additional support if anything ever stops going according to plan. Guides also clue you in on local fish behavior and provide you with the best bait for catching them.

2. Cost

As a parent, you tend to save more and spend less for the sake of your kids. It is, therefore, essential to put aside what you want to pay. But, remember it’s a vacation, and you need to treat yourself. So, take into account how much you will spend and what you will spend it on. However, your safety should be your top priority, so don’t just pick a guy on the dock because he has a boat. Choose a reputable fishing charter.

3. Amenities and Safety

What are the services offered by the deep sea fishing charters? Since you will spend a long time at sea, it is essential to know how you will take care of specific needs.

4. Targeted Fish

Which fish type would you love to take for dinner? For example, some people love catfish while others hate it, so it is essential to mention the kind of fish you want to catch so that your guide will take you through the section with that type of fish. Professional guides will also suggest the best techniques to use if you’re hoping to get a memorable catch

After acquitting yourself with the above tips, now you are ready to take a trip. As mentioned earlier, Galveston fishing charters have excellent services. We hope you are looking forward to a fishing boat trip.

Galveston Fishing

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I would have to say the best way to describe our fishing here on the island this spring as “inconsistent “.Seems between the winds and cooler than normal temperatures or fishing stays in a constant state of flux,good today,not so good tomorrow.We are seeing our traditional summer species,speckled trout,shark,as well as pompano and further offshore the kingfish and Ling are here as well.We just aren’t seeing the numbers we would expect this time of year.No conspiracy here just need the weather gods to settle down.To book a trip with Seaplay Sportfishing go to or call 281-851-6151.Tight lines….

Tight lines

SeaPlay Sportfishing Participated in Turning POINT Drum Fishing Tournament

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Galveston, Texas, April 11, 2019: SeaPlay Sportfishing is thrilled to announce our participation in the Turning POINT (Paraplegics on Independent Nature Trips) Drum Fishing Tournament on April 12 and 13, 2019, in Galveston, Texas. This is an organization that is designed to facilitate a variety of outdoor activities for individuals with many types of physical challenges. SeaPlay Sportfishing has taken part in the same tournament numerous times in the past several years and enjoys being able to help individuals in their enjoyment of the great outdoors.

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Black Drum Run 2019

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Three fishermen in Galveston, Texas  Black Drum catch

Black Drum season is here and Sea Play Sportfishing Charters has your ticket to the big show! Here we outline the need to know information on the Gulf of Mexico’s under-loved cousin to the Red Drum.

Get all of the information here then pop over to our Inshore Charter page to book your next trip! We are now offering a 10% discount for repeat customers. In addition, March 1st – March 31st 2019, the Sea Play Sportfishing angler that catches the largest Black Drum will receive their next 4 Hour Jetty Charter FREE!

The Black Drum is a chunky fish with many whiskers under its lower jaw. The younger fish have 4-5 dark stripes on their sides but these disappear with age. The bellies of the older fish are white but the color on their backs can vary greatly. Fish from Gulf waters usually aren’t very colorful. Those living in muddy bay waters have bronze or dark gray backs and sides. Some are even jet black.

In the first year of life, the fish reach up to six inches in length, doubling in size the second year to 12 inches, and reaching 16 inches in the third. After that, they generally grow about 2 inches per year. The largest black drum on record weighed 146 pounds. The record taken by a Texas sport angler is 78 pounds, with the average Bull Drum weighing in at about 30-40 pounds.

When it comes to choosing feeding spots, Black Drum are similar to their cousin, the Red Drum. Typically, Black Drum will be found in channels that bisect shallow flats during low tide or cool weather. They will move up to the edges of the adjacent flats during high tide.

When found on the flats, the primary difference between the two species is the depth of the water they prefer. Black Drum rarely wander far from the deeper channels, whereas Redfish are well known for traversing great distances in water barely deep enough to cover their backs. Both species routinely feed in large schools and will muddy the water in a rather large area while ‘grubbing’ for food along the bottom.

Another key difference between the species is that Black Drum prefer a muddy, mucky bottom year around. This bottom is all the more attractive if it is covered with oysters, mussels or other shellfish. Black Drum will spend the majority of their time siphoning crabs, shrimp and marine worms from soft-bottom flats.

Fishermen hoping to tempt Black Drum with tackle should look for baits in natural colors and scents. Glow, New Penny, Motor Oil and Brown Crab are among the best color patterns. These baits are most effective when free-lined or used to sight-cast to individual fish.

Although crab and shrimp-shaped lures are the most effective for Black Drum, soft- plastic and bucktail jigs will dupe fish from time to time. Again, a small profile and natural color pattern are the key elements. The retrieval is equally important. When tossing jigs at Black Drum, a slow, steady retrieval is best.

Fishing is an art and can take years or even decades to master. When it comes to catching Black Drum in Texas, Sea Play Sportfishing knows where to fish and what bait to use. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable and understand that fishing can be time to relax, as well as serious business! If you are serious about catching Black Drum this season, call us today! 281-851-6151

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